What Makes You Instagramable This Cricket Season?

Cricket has always been loved and played enthusiastically all over the world. Fans play an important role in making the match even more exciting. 

In the world of full of passionate fans, we have few who solely want to grab camera attention and believe in being ‘Instagramable’.

This idea of self-attention makes them do weird and funny things. This creates excitement and anticipation in most of the viewers who watch matches in their houses.

What Makes You Instagramable This Cricket Season? 1

Here are the list of things you may love to do in stadiums to grab some camera attention:


“Likhey Jo Khat Tujhe….”

You may take markers and huge chart papers to create posters and write slogans, or any other feeling that you would love to pen down for your favourite team and players.


“It’s an era of Craziness.”

Little did you know, What makes you crazy is what you wear and if it’s your hair wig, Surely you will get attention. Colorful Afro wigs make you look cool and eventually you become noticeable.


“Ek Jaisay Kaprey” rightly said by Sir Aamir Liaqat Hussain.

It is proved that people do get noticed when they wear similar clothes in groups. This is the easiest way you can make your way to a camera lens.


“Wear Something Shiny and glitery, You will get noticed eventually”

60’s and 70’s trendy clothing never goes out of fashion. Pop Colours and punk makes you go disco. That’s why if you do pop dressing in the stadium, Surely you will get noticed. 


“Correct Expression With Correct Timings Can Never Go Wrong”

Expression is very important for a camera. Being dramatic is the key to being noticed. Dancing with joy, laughing with excitement, Giggling with enjoyment, and  having a thrilling expression in an intense match is all you need. 

What Makes You Instagramable This Cricket Season? 2

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