What Did the Royals Miss?

In the previous blog, we mentioned Top 7 places that British Royals Visited in Pakistan. But they missed some of the top 5 places in Lahore. Here’s the list of places they missed:

1. Data Darbar

It is one of the largest Sufi Shrines in South Asia and Pakistan. It is said that this shrine holds the remains of Muslim Mystic Data Ghanj Bakhsh. That is why it is considered a sacred place and attracts up to million visitors in the annual festival.

2. Minar-e-Pakistan

This historical monument is the best representation of Pakistan’s ideology as the Lahore Resolution was passed here. Minar-e-Pakistan is located in the country’s largest urban park i.e. Iqbal Park which was built during the 1960’s.

3. Lahore Museum

If you want to learn about the fascinating history of Pakistan then Lahore Museum is the best place to visit. It contains artefacts dating back to Mohenjo Daro civilization.

4.  Lahore Food Street

For some delicious lahori food, you must visit Lahore Food Street. Butt Karhai, Lahori Paya, Amritsari Hareesa, Mohammadi Nihari, Fiqay Ki Lassi, Halwa Puri and Kheer of Lakhshmi Chowk are some of the famous food from this street.


5. Wagah Border

A trip to Lahore is incomplete without visiting the infamous Pakistan/India border. Every evening, the Wagah Border Ceremony is performed by both Pakistani and Indian armed forces, thoroughly entertaining tourists.

If you somehow missed these places while in Lahore, we recommend you strongly on visiting these places and have an adventurous experience. For more updates, events and tours in Pakistan, visit http://bit.ly/35VmkC8.

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Nargis Kalani