Want to Escape Lahore Smog? Here’s How!

While the Minister for Climate Change, Zartaj Gul, believes that Lahore smog is the byproduct of a grand conspiracy engineered by India, it’s true that the smog is very much real and can have hazardous consequences for the population.

She was kind enough to share a satellite image from NASA “showing the state of mass crop burning on the adjoining Indian side.”

“Check the scale of flagrant acts on Indian side, and how mitigated practice is on our end. We’re going to continue taking up this issue on international forums,” she claimed, quite enthusiastically.

The Twitterati, however, had a field day dissing her frivolous claims.

Our neighbors aren’t that far behind either.

We suggest, pack your bags and take a quick trip to the Northern Areas. Smell the fresh air and give your health that much-needed respite.

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