You Don’t Have To Be Rich For Mini Trips

Tourism in Pakistan has been increasing since last decade. Pakistan has always been known for it’s beautiful sights and surreal landscapes. International Tourists have already initiated to acknowledge the magnificent side of the country. Now it’s time for the residents who can travel domestically and appreciate what their country has, to satisfy their mini vacations. 

You Don’t Have To Be Rich For Mini Trips 1

There was a time when road trips were a hussle and driving from Karachi to Quetta could take up to 3 days but now you can cover the distance in 10-12 hours via RCD highway. This less complicated route had made it convenient for residents to enjoy their journey.

However, If you are looking forward to traveling at the lowest of budgets?


Tour Operators have now introduced affordable packages at the cheapest price of Rs. 12,000/= with all your accommodations and other facilities settled. 

An exemplary 5 day itinerary has been given below to plan your trip, 

Exactly the way you want!

Day 1: Ride to Quetta city and a visit to Quetta Museum.  

Day 2: Drive to Quaid-e-Azam Residency in Ziarat and a stop at Shrine of Baba Kharwari.

Day 3: An outing to Spin Karez Lake

Day 4: A day in Hazarganji Chiltan National Park and Hanna Lake.

Day 5: A relaxing day in Urak Valley 

PLAN YOUR TRIPS! or if you already have, please share your experiences and let us know if we missed out any other details ;)

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Ghaniya Shaikh