Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020

Over the past few years, Pakistan’s fashion industry has made remarkable progress in enhancing fashion sense in the women of Pakistan. Many top lined fashion designers like HSY, Nomi Ansari, Maria B, Sana & Safinaz have contributed their efforts through their fashion brands to develop fashion sense among women of Pakistan.

The appreciation of these women’s fashion brands has spread to other countries as well, which is helpful in reflecting a positive image of Pakistan.

Fashion Trends in Pakistan

Pakistani women are fashion enthusiasts and have good fashion taste so; they can quickly follow fashion trends. Kudos to the brands that have introduced extremely wearable, ramp-worthy clothing for the average Pakistani women. You can easily find the perfect outfit and fashion accessories for any event or occasion, under one umbrella.

Global celebrities like Kate Middleton, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas have even chosen to partner with and represent Pakistani brands on international platforms.

Here is the list of Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan, which you can consider for shopping:


Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 1

Sapphire is an emerging women’s fashion brand and was launched in 2014. Over the year we have observed the popularity of this brand among women and girls equally because it’s offering trending designer clothes at affordable prices. Whether it’s casual, formal, party wear or daily wear, you can find all types of dresses at Sapphire.

Sana Safinaz

Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 2

Sana Safinaz is the joint venture of two talented fashion designers. Both of these designers have been making their efforts in the line of women fashion since 1989. Sana Safinaz is famous for designing eastern wear with a western touch, and it perfectly suits modern women of Pakistan.

Maria B

Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 3

Maria B is one of the most talented and demanding fashion designers of Pakistan. In 1999, she started her journey of introducing new fashion trends for women. Maria B is particularly famous for designing casual wear & evening wear for women. Moreover, she has the edge of representing her brand in Paris, Italy, Milan, and other countries, which is a proud moment for Pakistan.


Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 4

Lulusar is hardly a year old but has captivated a sizable section of the audience who wants more from Pakistani streetwear. Initially targeted at affluent working-class women and students, Lulusar aims to provide westernized clothing that is more suited for urban audiences.


Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 5

Generation is another new entrant in the fashion circuit and has quickly gained a cult fan following among the younger audiences through their unconventional and socially-aware marketing campaigns. They have a distinctive sense of style that banks heavily on nostalgia with frequent nods to 70s-style fashion, pastel colors and trendier cuts.


Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 6

Khaadi has reached iconic status in Pakistan with its smashable brand identity and signature-style clothing that is inventive, fresh and extremely trendy. Khaadi has vastly expanded its footprint into several territories like the Middle East and the United Kingdom, making it one of Pakistan’s leading brands that have also gone international.

Junaid Jamshed

Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 7

Junaid Jamshed took his step in fashion clothing by opening an outlet in 2002, since then he had made rapid progress by offering a variety of fashion clothing for both men & women. Moreover, Junaid Jamshed has also launched its fragrance and makeup collection, which is quite popular among women.

Gul Ahmed

Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 8

Gul Ahmed is the oldest and pioneer women fashion brand. It started its textile manufacturing operation in 1959 since then it has been the top priority of women for buying clothes. Under the Gul Ahmed you can easily find stitched & unstitched wear and as well as Western Wear.


Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 9

Alkaram is another well-renowned clothing brand of Pakistan, and it has been operational since 1986. Manufacturing top quality eastern women’s clothes are the specialty of Alkaram, and it is famous for its Digital printed lawn. Their outfits are perfect for daily wear.


Top 10 Fashion Brands of Pakistan 2020 10

Stylo is the top choice of every woman and girl when it comes to buying footwear. It has more than 100 outlets operating across Pakistan. Stylo is famous for providing a variety of superbly made trending footwear, handbags, clutches and other fashion accessories.

These are the demanding women fashion brands of Pakistan. What do you think about these women’s fashion brands? Let us know in the comments!

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