Top 7 Must-Have Load-shedding Essentials

It seems like the issue of load-shedding will never be solved in Pakistan. For time being, we all found peace as there was little to no load shedding but recently, it started all over again. On top of it, summer season is harsh in Karachi and interior Sindh so loadshedding makes it even worse for people.

The duration of this power cut is one to two hours at a time and generally its hard for people to pass the time in these hours. The trick here is to be prepared in advance for the hours of load-shedding by keeping yourself busy and before you know it, the electricity will come back. To do this, you need the following products:

Power Bank:

This is the most beneficial device in these times but the catch is that you need to keep it charged. Once you’ve done that, it is easily usable for 5 to 6 hours depending on the brand and rechargeable timing.

Top 7 Must-Have Load-shedding Essentials 1


Apart from our usual mobile phone device, tablet is another essential device to keep during these crucial hours of load-shedding. It’s a device that helps you in staying productive and distracted. You can read e-books, install games to play and use various apps.

Top 7 Must-Have Load-shedding Essentials 2

Portable Rechargeable Fan:

This type of fan comes in handy during load-shedding as the heat is unbearable these days.

Top 7 Must-Have Load-shedding Essentials 3

Emergency Light:

Power-cuts at night cause too much inconvenience. To avoid that, emergency light is beneficial for everyone.

Top 7 Must-Have Load-shedding Essentials 4

Board Games:

Board games are the best pass time for us Pakistani’s and all family members enjoy it to the fullest.

Top 7 Must-Have Load-shedding Essentials 5


It is one of the most fundamental items to have during load-shedding as reading books is the best thing to do in your free time. It is the most delightful habit to develop and you never get bored once you get into it. So, get some books in reasonable prices.

Top 7 Must-Have Load-shedding Essentials 6

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