Top 5 Sufi Anthems to Get You Started

  • Paradari – Abida Parveen ft. Atif Aslam

This creative collaboration between two star artists was truly magical. Abida Parveen’s magnetic baritone combined with Atif Aslam’s signature vocals to Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi’s kalaam makes this an experience like no other. This single currently clocks in at 5.6M views on YouTube.

  • Mun Kunto Maula – Ali Azmat & Javed Bashir

Penned by Ameer Khusro and Sabir Zafar, this sufi kalaam pays homage to Hazrat Ali and the Prophet Muhammad. Ali Azmat takes centre stage in his familiar pop-rock vocals with Javed Bashir balancing the fusion in his heartfelt voice.  This Qawwali is quite the favorite at mehfils and Sufi Nights across the world. This single has managed to rake in 5.2M views on YouTube.

  • Ghoom Charakhra – Tehseen Sakina

Abida Parveen’s iconic anthem gets a befitting remake by Tehseen Sakina, who is visibly inspired by the maestro, as she infuses energy into the rock composition with her husky vocals. This particular track currently has 4.3M views on YouTube.

  • Piya Ghar Aaya – Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad

The stakes get much higher when you have this dynamic duo lend their voices to one of the most popular Qawwalis from the subcontinent. The kalaam is by Baba Bulleh Shah, while the single was produced by Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi. Piya Ghar Aya tops the charts at 8.5M views on YouTube.

  • Tajdar-e-Haram – Atif Aslam

A Qawwali that needs no introduction, rendered immortal by Atif Aslam, provided the most beautiful tribute to the legendary Sabri Brothers. Atif gave the track a new lease of life amongst the younger audiences with his captivating voice and heartfelt rendition. Currently, this single has pulled a staggering 265M views on YouTube.

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