Top 5 Successful Samsung Smartphones of 2016

Only half a year in and Samsung has concocted some stellar devices to up the ante in its ultimate goal to dominate the smartphone industry. No doubt that Samsung mobiles are revered throughout the world due to their incredible level of design, features and performance. With top tier companies like Apple on the warpath, Samsung has held its own in some serious competition. However, as last year was Apple’s year with the iPhone changing the landscape and earning the tech conglomerate some hefty profits, this year certainly seems to be in Samsung’s pocket as it poises to make its mark.

Samsung Mobiles & Smartphones

Samsung mobile phones and smartphones are completely one of a kind and have captured their niche audience in the market. With versatility in their product release in terms of prices and compatibility, they are producing range after range of phenomenal devices that are constantly raking rewards for the customers and the company. Let’s check out the latest Samsung mobiles that have hit the market in the first half of the year.

Galaxy S7 – Rethink & Redefined


If you though the Galaxy S series had had its fill of success with the Galaxy S6, then you are dead wrong!! The S7 has coursed its way to become the staple of this year’s biggest smartphone releases ever. The black curved design delivers at a rate not expected from hi tech smartphones and is certainly giving iPhone a run for its money. The five inch screen, quad high definition visual, professional dual grade camera and a fast processor have allowed this new Samsung mobile to captivating people like never before.

Galaxy S7 Edge – Bigger & Better


Just when you think it couldn’t get any better than the S7, S7 Edge comes out and steals all the thunder. With a bigger screen size of 5.5 inches, it holds every feature offered by the S7 and more. For gamers, this is a dream come true for the high storage capacity, SD card setup and a giant battery offers an unlimited gaming and movie time. Let’s not forget that they are also resistant to water and dust that is just an added bonus Samsung has gifted to its customers.

Galaxy Note 5 – Elegance with a Pen


The Note series is going through a steady pace and attracting major attention ever since January when the Note 5 was released. Its design and functions allow absolute freedom for creativity. The S pen is the hero of this Samsung mobile phone that enable writing, clicking and drawing at a fine pace tilting and curving as the job requires. Get unbelievable screen display for videos and images with a fast charging battery to finish it off.

Galaxy A7 – High Performing Combinations


Galaxy A7 has been quite successful in its own right!! Samsung mobile price rates are vaguely high in most cases but some offer good quality performance and still offer moderate prices along with it. The combination of Gorilla metal glass and Octa core is the reason for its processing advancement. Provides with OIS feature on the front and rear camera for exceptional image capture.

Galaxy J5 – Affordable 4G Smartphone


This Samsung mobile recently released in April and has become a favorite for people looking at affordable priced smartphones in the market. It doesn’t get any better than J5 with its super AMOLED display and the 4G that packs quite a good punch. The battery of 3100 mAh makes it a suitable buy for 4G users as well as other aspects and features it contains.

There you have it… five new and improved Samsung smartphones that have made a huge impact in 2016.

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Ali Silat