Top 4 Lipstick Colours for summer 2016

If you adore wearing lipsticks, then this is the perfect place to be. Let’s do a quick run-down on the hottest, sensational lip colours that have been seen on the back stage and across the online beauty community.

Trend Alert #1: Chestnut Lips

Brown Lipstick

Forget the nude lippies this year is all about coloured lips. Try on a shade of brown, which isn’t too dark nor too light. This look has been spotted on runways of several renowned designers. To try it at home, we recommend Barbara-AB-16 by Atiqa Odho.

Trend Alert #2: Bold Red Lips

red lipstick

This trend has snuck its way from last year into this year, mainly because it’s such a timeless classic. You can opt for any shade of red that suits your skin tone best. We suggest Real Love-AR-2.

Trend Alert #3: Pink Lips

pink lipstick

No matter the season, this one is an all year round favourite by most women. Try soft cool shades with blue undertones or brighter shades with purple undertones for a fresh face makeup look. We highly recommend Passion-AP-2 and Pari -AP-17 for a head turning look.

Trend Alert #4: Berry Lips

Berry lipstick

This is yet another classic that has been trending since last year. Vampy lips are in deep berry tones can be seen all over town.  We suggest, Scarlet Siren or Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick In Flash by MUA.

Let us know in the comments box, which trend you’ve been rocking this summer. Also click to buy beauty products online in pakistan and avail the best prices.

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Ali Silat