Tips for Men: Best Ways to Wear a Comfortable Suit

Men always strive to look their absolute best for any occasion and event. It is an awesome display of energy and boosts confidence at every step. The mere look and fashionable attire can be a game changer in any situation giving an aura of sophistication that is helpful in emboldening one’s personality. In the professional life, there are certain attires that are useful to influence ones surroundings and increase the possibility of planning a successful run. That, however, can be attained in a nutshell by knowing the steps and rules for a perfect men suit wear.

Being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion

Men Stylish Suit Wear Tips


The whole idea for such a dashing overlook of style is to gain a sense of self that transforms men. That goal is achieved through understanding the wearing tribulations and mastering the stylish essence of suit wear that makes it appealing rather than lopsided. In that vein, there are several factors that should be taken into account when getting a suitable suit.

Keep it Simple & Elegant


Nowadays, there is always that urge among the youngsters to let a funky and chic style when thinking about suits. But the simplicity of color and the elegance portrayal of the entire attire are exactly that forms a mature mind and provides a modicum of comfort. Swag is not achieved by pushing for a trendy look that might be popular in men fashion for a temporary period of time but by keeping it simple. Elegance is a token of originality and class that does not require any fancy additions to inspire others and more importantly – you!!

Fit the Suit Just Right


The first thing that needs to be taken into account when trying out a suit, is keeping it level with the shoulders. Always make sure the shirt collar is above the jacket collar. The buttons should be fastened right around the naval rather than a tight fit otherwise it looks awkward from the front. When talking about size, the sleeves should be just an inch above the wrist to make way for the shirt underneath. To keep it stylish and cozy in this western wear attire, adjust the pant breaks that are preferred from slight to medium break fit.

Capitalize on Suit with Matching Accessories

Men's set : shoe, belt, tie

A suit is all well and good but what makes it a symbol of poise and finesse is the matching accessories that go along with it. These accessories should not be an exact matching color but an extra layer of texture to compliment the suit. Among the accessories are the shoes, belts and tie and each has to be matching color to give the right level of subtlety to go with a fashion point of view. It is necessary not to over accessorize the suit as it will have the complete opposite effect from what you imagined.

Be a True Gentleman – in a Suit


The characteristics and traits that get embedded into men’s personality through a suit is quit exquisite. A touch of flair and grace is all that takes to make a mature and modest man. Follow all the steps and guidelines and bring versatility and freshness to your wardrobe.

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Ali Silat