Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


Sometimes real life is a lot more fantastic than any story written, such is the case for Netflix’s newest documentary Tiger King. This series focuses on the not well known but interacting lives of the owners and collectors of big cats (lions, tigers etc). Most of the story is about the conflict between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskins both of whom claim that what they do is a form of charity to support the endangered big cats of the work. Other eccentric characters include “Doc” Bhagavan Antle and his possible cult, Rick Kirkman a TV reporter who has done plenty of wild things in his life and who was brought on by Joe Exotic to give an air of legitimacy to his online show.

The first episode talks about Joe Exotic and shows him playing around with tigers like some people play with their days and he doesn’t seem the slightest bit scared. We are also introduced to Joe’s country music career, seems like he sells these albums at the his zoo. Joe Exotic is sort of friends with all the big cat zoos and sanctuaries around him except Carole Baskins. He seems obsessed with Carole Baskins because he says he name so many times in the course of one episode.

This show does an exceptional job of making you question yourself, episode after episode you are exposed to the multiple layers in all these people, there are a lot of unanswered questions left after the series ends, Did Joe Exotic really hire Glover to kill Carole, What happened to Carole’s husband Don Lewis, how did Joe manage to persuade two men to marry him? Would Joe have possible won the presidential election if there was no Trump and he has more mileage than just Oklahoma.

Now lets see what some of the other viewers think about it:

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Kanza Akhwand
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