Taher Shah’s New Song ‘Farishta’ is Out!

After “Eye to Eye” and Angel, King of Pakistani Music Taher Shah has gifted the world his new single “Farishta”. Taher Shah achieved notoriety after he released and produced his first single “Eye to Eye” in 2013 . As of today Eye to Eye has 17 lakh views on youtube and a cult following. After the release of Eye to Eye Taher Shah become on overnight sensation being invited to TV shows and Talk shows. In 2016, Taher Shah hit it out of the park again and release “Angel”. Angel exceeded Taher Shah’s and our expectations and has 35 lakh views. On April 10, 2020 Taher Shah released another Single called Farishta which currently has 7,88,926 views and is trending on Youtube.

We listened to this song so you wouldn’t have to. Right off the bat my first thought is Taher Shah hired (kidnapped?) the guy who makes animated nursery rhymes for Coco Melon. Who is the king is he Taher Shah? or the Farishta? Its like a rom -com he also has a love interest. Now i need to clear my ears which are bleeding.

Let’s see what other Pakistanis had to say about this:

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Kanza Akhwand


  1. I actually liked “Eye-to-Eye” to be honest. Angels was blah! Don’t know about this new one still haven’t listened to it.

  2. I love Farishta

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