Sony PlayStation Event 2016 – Pro Console, New Games Announced

September has become the month for new releases and announcements in 2016. Seems like everyone is talking so much about the new iPhones that they have forgotten the event Sony just came up with at 7th September. When compared to the Apple event, Sony actually got a lot of things right that were applauded by gamers rather than stick to a 50-50 response. With the rumors going around about new consoles and games for the past few months, Sony came out with an entertainment lineup that seems hard to beat for other gaming companies.

PS4 Gets a ‘Slim’ Makeover


PlayStation 4 has gotten great success in the gaming market for three years but they have also been criticized on the expensive tag they have placed on it. So now, Sony is releasing a slimmer and cheaper version of the PS4 console so that they can appeal to audiences with a low salary range. The new PS4 will have the exact same functionality of the older version – only a bit more stylish and slimmer in size; and it will be released by 15th September.

New PlayStation Console Goes PRO


While the new PS4 console will keep the Sony gamers entertained for the next month or so, Sony has gotten more tech devices coming in. The new PlayStation PRO version, code named NEO has gotten more processor power and is intended for more serious gamers than average ones. It does not only boast a better graphic set but also a 4K resolution display. The hardware capabilities include an upgraded GPU along with the 1TB hard drive that gives it a plus point this year.

High Dynamic Range Feature for PS4


If the new gaming consoles weren’t enough, Sony took the upper hand by introducing the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) to present the best video quality display. This fantastic feature will be updated to all the PlayStation consoles including the PRO version as well. Sony has taken a huge step to bring a unique gaming experience by bringing such incredible features to the front.

PRO Console Means PRO Games


With new consoles, games were definitely not on the back foot at the Sony New York event. With the upcoming PRO console promising some stellar 4K display and graphics, Sony shared some details about the new games that can be played on these consoles. Games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, Horizon Zero Dawn were mentioned and even the upcoming Spider-Man new franchise game.

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Ali Silat