Review of a real Joker Movie: The Killing Joke

Today I am going to talk about an R rated Joker movie, that starts off by showing the Joker as an everyday Joe who had one bad day. Nope not talking about Joker 2019 and Joaquin Phoenix’s phenomenal performance. I am talking about 2016 film based on the 1988 graphic novel.

Review of a real Joker Movie: The Killing Joke 1

In this movie the Joker’s origin is some what similar to the 2019 version, Joker is a comedian and a family man, desperate for some money he agrees to help some people rob his former work place only to be confronted by The Bat. The Joker falls in a vat of chemical waste that leaves him permanently disfigured and mentally deranged. Tragically his family also passes away in this time.

The origin of Joker is shown in the form of a flashback, present day story is how Joker scams Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara and traps them in a circus. He shoots Barbara Gordon in the spine paralyzing her and takes pictures of her suffering to push Commissioner Gordon into insanity.

Joker’s “defense” is that it was just one bad day in his life that lead him down this path and Gordon should get a taste of this medicine too. Batman arrives just in time to save the day, and Gordon tells him that he must operate within the law, thus proving Joker wrong in his one “bad day” theory.

The Killing Joke isn’t just one of the most famous Batman stories, it’s one of the most intriguing comic book within recent memory. What Moore did with the Joker was spread out a basis of legend and myth that has proceeded to motivate chatter around the character, just as it adds to his mythos. Phoenix’s Joker is certainly a fascinating call to mind of this fantastic classic.

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Kanza Akhwand