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So no one told you life was gonna be this way? Your routine’s a joke, you’re broke, your social life is DOA. Yes, it’s true, we’re part of a global pandemic which has affected our lives in a huge way and we are expected to spend our time inside our homes. 

As depressing and frustrating as it is for everyone who is dying to go out for a walk or a long drive or wanting to chill with friends at their favorite hangout spot, we must acknowledge that we are privileged enough to have a home, a job that allows us to work from home and food on the table. We must learn to adapt to this new reality and make the most out of our internal environment. 

A lot of us at Yayvo are catching up on all those things that we wished we had the time for during our fast lives. Some of us are learning new skills, some of us are making up for lost family time and almost all of us are glued to the screen watching and rewatching our favorite shows online. 

Thanks to Starzplay, we’re able to access thousands of hours of content in just Rs.299 per month. So throw that bag of popcorn in the microwave, pour your favorite drink in a glass and get ready for our top 10 favorites for Quarantine & Chill with Starzplay:


The film that predicted it all! The Steven Soderbergh directorial released in 2011 and got a new lease of life this year due to the film’s uncanny similarities with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. From the concept of social distancing to the involvement of a bat in spreading the virus, it’s shocking how much this movie spoke about almost a decade ago. 

Mad Max: Fury Road

While we’re on the subject of a post-apocalyptic world, Mad Max: Fury Road is another outstanding cinematic marvel that deals with relevant themes of feminism and survival. There’s a lot of action and adventure for thrill enthusiasts but the script packs in a lot of substance as well.


The origin story that has made waves worldwide is Gotham that cleverly links itself to the iconic Batman franchise. Set in the Gotham City Police Department, the series centers around recruit James Gordon who is teamed up with detective Harvey Bullock to solve crimes across the city. Gotham’s murky underworld has started to emerge after the murder of billionaire Thomas and Martha Wayne, parents of soon-to-be-Batman Bruce Wayne.


If you’re still not done with superheroes and want a gender-bender dose of power packed action, then there’s Supergirl for you. Supergirl sets itself around Kara Danvers, who is Clark Kent aka Superman’s biological cousin. Kara was expelled from Krypton by her parents who wanted to save her life. She is forced to unveil her hidden powers and protect the inhabitants of National City when disaster strikes them. 

The Vampire Diaries

Let’s face it. Sometimes, what we really want to watch, especially during these dark times, is really, really, ridiculously good looking people having extraordinary problems. If you’re in the mood for dark and delicious, binge-watch the entire boxset of The Vampire Diaries and watch Elena’s romantic tryst between two vampire siblings Stefan and Damon Salvatore. 

Pretty Little Liars

Speaking of beautiful people with first world problems, there’s also Pretty Little Liars. The series follows the lives of four estranged friends whose lives are completely turned upside down after the unexpected disappearance of their leader Alison and a mysterious blackmailer “A” who will not let them move on. Pretty Little Liars is a gripping thriller which will constantly keep you guessing as to who “A” is. 

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 

With schools off during COVID-19, even kids need entertainment when they are in lockdown. A childhood with so much heart and lots of wonder, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a fascinating story of an underprivileged boy Charlie, who along with six lucky children, gets invited to Willy Wonka’s mysterious and magical Chocolate Factory. Wonka, played to cult status by Johnny Depp, delivers a performance that will keep your children hooked while you work from home. 

Lego Movie

Everything is awesome! Or is it really? Behind this painfully perfect manufactured world of happiness and almost-permanent joy, there’s a story of free spirit and ambition. Loosely based on George Orwell’s 1984, Lego Movie is a satirical take on society and how your thought process is controlled by the higher power told in a funny, entertaining way.

Laal Kabootar

A gritty, noir Pakistani thriller set in Karachi, centers around an unlikely duo of a cab driver Adeel and an affluent woman Alia, who is out to seek vengeance against the people who murdered her husband. What follows is a tightly-knit action drama and some stellar performances by the leads Ahmed Ali and Mansha Pasha. 


I know, I know, we saved the best for the last. This comedy sitcom seems to age like fine wine and gathers an enormous fan base with the passage of time. From it’s iconic characters to their witty one-liners to the plot points that we have memorised by now and the irresistibly-sing-along Smelly Cat, FRIENDS is a gift that keeps on giving and we are here for it.

So let us know what you thought of our Top 10 list of shows and movies from Starzplay. You can buy the Starzplay subscription from Yayvo Tickets. Buy the 3 months subscription and get 1 month free!

We may be away for now and have to maintain social distancing, but like FRIENDS, we will always be there for you.

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