PTCL EVO Carfi – Turn Your Car into Wi-Fi Hotspot

After the successful launch of PTCL EVO devices, PTCl has introduced a new member of EVO family “PTCL EVO Carfi.” It is a cigar shaped WI-FI hotspot device, which you can directly plug-in into your car’s cigarette socket and enjoy blazing fast 3G internet connectivity wherever you move with your car.

Why do you need to buy PTCL EVO Carfi?

Well, it the age of internet and people prefers to remain connected to the internet. You can carry your portable Hotspot or cloud dongles with you but, it won’t be able to give you the internet connectivity without battery backup.
That’s the condition where EVO Carfi comes handy. Whether you are going on the long journey or have stuck in traffic jam, EVO Carfi will give you the endless connectivity without any hassle.PTCL EVO Carfi - Turn Your Car into Wi-Fi HotspotAll you need is to plugin it into your car. Moreover, you can connect 5 internet devices with PTCL EVO Carfi, and you can also use this device with your Laptop/PC via connecting through USB.

PTCL EVO Carfi Packages

PTCL EVO Carfi currently available in 15 GB & 30 GB Data bundle with 3G connectivity with speed up to 9.3MBps.
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Buy PTCL EVO Carfi at and get it delivered to your home for Free.

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