Pokemon Go – A Viral Gaming Phenomenon

A major shift took place in the gaming realm with the coming of Pokemon Go – a mobile application game that has gone viral. Throughout the world, this application is being used on a vast scale, crashing down servers and beating al the gaming records, including Candy Crush Saga. In just a few days of its launching, it has gotten the world by their smartphones as they begin their hunt for the favorite characters from the childhood cartoon, Pokemon.

Augmented Reality – a Reality?


That’s right – this incredible game is not a playable console game or a regular mobile application; this is embedded in real time making your environment your ultimate playing ground. Explore the vast landscape set by Google maps to venture out into the streets towards capturing the bonus items and characters that are placed in the vicinity. It is the walk of the fittest, using Pokestops and Gyms that can be your nearest bus stop, monument or just around the corner. It is a unique and first of its kind game ever built which has gotten a lot of attention from gamers.

Players Encounter Problems on the ‘Go’


It’s no doubt that Pokemon Go has been a resounding success. So much so that the creators are having a tough time keeping up with the rising demand. Gamers are complaining about the multiple server time restraints and crashes that make it impossible to get good connection. The servers were even hacked implying the security discrepancies. All over the world, complaints have been filed based on the nature of the game as people look for special augmented items in places that are not meant for the general public. These reasons have definitely created some confusion; still, the numbers of people downloading this app are increasing every single day.

Online & Physical Gaming Experience


Rarely has there ever been a game that has combines online gaming and endorses the physical gaming aspect as well. Pokemon Go is being certified by researchers to lay a positive impact on gamers, enabling them to avail of social interaction. This has led to a gaming phenomenon that has to be seen and played to be believed.

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Ali Silat