Youtubers Meet And Greet On The Cricket Field

Pakistani youngsters are crazy over YouTube stars and cricket nowadays. With HBL PSL coming up soon, the cricket fever is already set in motion. So our favorite YouTube stars are determined to fire up the excitement amongst the cricket lovers, thus,  Pakistan YouTuber’s Cup is a cricket battle between these top famous YouTube stars and their eight teams.

Youtubers Meet And Greet On The Cricket Field 1
  • Junaid Akram: Pakistani comedian known for his vlog and sketches on social media. His team is called  “Junaid Swaggers”.
  • The Idiotz: A group of comedians and short funny films who is all set to battle on the cricket field with their “The idiotz 11”
  • Mooroo: Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo is famous for his funny characters and sketches.  His team is being introduced as “Mooroo Funters.”
  • Bekaar Films: Bekaar Films is a group of young artists who make funny videos portraying Pakistani famous personalities are bringing their “Bekaar 11”
  • P 4 Pakao: P 4 Pakao pranks with the general public and entertain their followers. They are a team of 11 prankers.
  • Karachi Vynz: Karachi Vynz entertain their audience by short funny videos, and they are coming up with a cricket team named “Karachi Vynz Paltan.”
  • Kujlee Family: Kujlee Family is a YouTube channel run by Raza Samoo aka Awsomoo who talks about general problems and roast their audience. They are bringing a set of people to fight against all. The team name is “Kujlee Tigers”
  • The Great Muhammad Ali: He is a young sensation who entertains his audience with musical videos.“ The Great Team” of Muhammad Ali is ready for a cricket battle against all.

Grab your tickets from Yayvo Tickets and march to Asghar Ali Shah Stadium Karachi on the 25th January, 2020 at 3pm to support your favourite Youtuber.

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Ghaniya Shaikh