Omair Rana’s Love Story Will Melt Your Heart

Omair Rana is a Pakistani actor and theatre director. He runs his theatre company under the name of Real Entertainment Productions (REP), which was established in 2000 and has done more than 50 projects.

He is married to the love of his life, Maira Omair Rana. The love couple faced a lot of hurdles in their relationship but their love story will melt your heart. Maira Omair Rana, recently shared her love story on social media and it went viral.

Omair Rana's Love Story Will Melt Your Heart 1

Their story goes something like this:

They both were in their teenage years when they first met each other.The first landline call continued for an entire night. It became a ritual to talk daily until Maira Omair Rana was caught red handed by her mother and that too at 5am in the morning. 

Knowing the fact that Omair and Mair are two opposite personalities, like & dislikes, habits. But they both were so sure, the bond they shared is so special and we couldn’t let go of it.

Omair Rana's Love Story Will Melt Your Heart 2

Maria was facing marriage pressure from her family whereas our hero was failing his academics. In 1999, Omair Rana gained courage and told his mom about his love story. On the other hand, she confessed her love in front of her mother. After a lot of struggle both the mother’s agreed to support them but there were restrictions. With the interest in theatre, Omair started acting in plays and continued his studies. He also started debate coaching with the initial pay of Rs. 5000.

Fast forward to 2002, she was only 22 years old and he turned 23 and was unemployed. The insecurity of the two families forced the love birds to break up. Maira’s parents agreed on the stubborn attitude of hers. Finally they both got married in 2003. 

“We were the happiest people alive. I honestly have seen VERY few couples as happy on their wedding day as we were. We were actually on cloud 9. Ready to take on anything that life brings. Anything”. She said

Omair Rana's Love Story Will Melt Your Heart 3

In the end of her viral post, Maira Omair Rana said:

“We simply decided to marry each other. And we really wouldn’t have it any other way. He calls me his “best mistake”. I still can’t decide if that’s a compliment or not I consider him “my lucky break in life”.

She further said:

“We haven’t had a marriage which revolves around expensive presents, holiday destinations or lavish surprise birthday parties but we have a marriage which has survived the test of time. It is based on years of honesty, trust, hard work and respect. We have both invested in it. Yes I have invested a lifetime in this relationship as well. I have compromised and given in countless times. Cried myself to sleep and wept in the shower. There have been numerous ugly downs in these 23 years…but the beautiful ups have been more than numerous. The laughter is actually infinite”.

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