New Clothing Brand ‘STONEAGE’ Launched on Yayvo

The reason that Yayvo has become so well versed in the online shopping experience and has hit the glass ceiling in the industry is its ability to showcase products desirable to the general public. They have always taken this approach with great consideration in order to please their customers. More than that, Yayvo is introducing new brands that they think will adhere to the stylish whims of their viewers. Brands are literally lining up to be promoted on and the shopping conglomerate is continuously analyzing the brands – and they have just selected one.

The New Arrival – StoneAge


It’s time for a new style to take over and StoneAge is now on display at the shopping platform. The embodiment of denim style since 2004 has bought a new line of men and women clothing that are the latest trend in the western wear category. StoneAge made its debut in the industry in 2004 and in the past decade or so, has evolved into the perfect presenter of men attire and women fashion wear.

Casual Style for Men Wear


The breathtaking and refreshing combination that StoneAge has made is the ultimate wear year around for men. Whether it is the half or full sleeve knitted T shirts that are the best possible version of today’s casual wear that every teenager desires. The denim bottoms are certainly the most comfortable trouser wear. Combined together, they make a complete style that really matches every man’s dream.

Denim Style Gone Wild


The denim is the main fashion style in men category and that has been displayed immaculately by StoneAge. The comfort and finesse on part of these trousers is incredible to wear, setting the designs based on latest fashion trends.

Yayvo Launches StoneAge in Style

StoneAge may have a great lifestyle collection but Yayvo has made it the hottest trending clothing collection in Pakistan by allowing it to showcase such items on its platform.

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Ali Silat