Momina Mustehsan- Yet another Emerging Pakistani with beauty and brains

blog image 1Coke Studio Season 9:
Coke studio season 9 like all other seasons has started to make a history in the music industry. This season may not have started like the last one but people have already got their favourites of this year. Few people are criticizing the format too but most of them are in favour of how this season is moving along.

blog image 2Momina Mustehsan Craze:
One thing that is seen common in many people about this season is the love for Momina Mustehsan, a New York based Pakistani who sung Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Afreen Afreen along with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in her soft and velvety voice. Though she is in her early 20’s but she managed to raise the singing bar for people who are in their 30’s or even 40’s.
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She sang a song for a Bollywood movie before getting featured in Coke studio and now after hearing her in Coke studio we know why she was approached by Bollywood. She wrote and sang her own part in Farhan Saeed’s “Pee Jaoun”. She is an engineer and mathematician by profession so her singing talent and skills may get better with time but right now with her beauty with brains attitude she has taken over the whole nation.

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One thing that we are sure about is last year it was Gul Panra people were going crazy for and this year it’s Momina Mustehsan whose Diva like looks and soft voice made people fall not only for the sound track but her personality too.

She has given all females a head start that no matter what your passion is you can always fulfil it so never give up on your dreams, be focused towards your career and you can always achieve what you want.

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