Men’s Fashion: How to choose the right socks to match any outfit?

Matching the right shirt with a trouser or a tie with a coat has always been tricky for men who aim for perfecting their looks for any occasion. Perhaps this conundrum will always stay to bother as toning or contrasting apparel is a task that requires quite a deal of pondering. However for some keen men, the struggle starts right from the bottom. It’s where they go in a dilemma of pulling the right socks that’ll go well with their trousers or shoes. For such enthusiasts, we bring in some simple and straight tips to how not to wear odd socks.

The Play Safe Method!tonal mens socks

The safest and the old fashioned way to go is tonal, that is to where socks which are either of the same color as your trousers or are slightly off. So, whenever you find yourself in a hurry or run out of options the best way is to match rather than mismatch!

Coming Out of Cover!tonal textured socks

A fairly acceptable and a spinoff of the first rule is to use matching hues but with patterns or textures. Dots, stripes, checks can go equally well to pair with matching trousers. Textured socks made from wool or thicker material add a more rough and rugged look so make sure you don’t shy showing them off. Wear a neatly folded trouser or a one that is just long enough to touch your ankles!

Stepping Up!contrasting mens socks

Take the next big leap wearing vibrant and contrasting socks that will add more colors to your leg-wear. Solid base contrasting colors go preferably well with pale or light colored trousers, especially chinos. You can always go for bright colors as well, just make sure they do not steal away all the looks and your outfit gets neglected!

Being Bold!textured contrasting mens socks

The final move that you can make is to use high contrasting patterned socks that will give out a bold statement. The best way of doing so is to use them on a plain pair of trouser, be it any color. There should be some element in the texture that blends with the trousers. You can always go for shocking bright contrasting colors, just make sure others don’t get an eyesore!

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Ali Silat