Magic Mania – Three New Harry Potter E-books Announced

The wizarding world of Harry Potter has certainly taken the fans on a roller coaster ride this year. With the Harry Potter series ending officially almost eight years ago, fans are supposed to find solace in the mini stories and little tidbits that J.K. Rowling reveals when she feels like it. The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play and script book did well to appeal to the fans appetite and with the latest upcoming movie in December, there is a lot to look forward to. Now, fresh off a new script book, Rowling has announced not one, two but three new Harry Potter books.

Harry Potter New Trio Series

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The good just keeps getting better – this new Harry Potter trio series although does not have anything to do with the ‘Boy Who Lived’, it is an extension into the wizarding world. The writer truly has a compendium of information to share about all the magical and historical happenings that she has set a bunch of short stories that divulge further into the world of Harry Potter.

Not A Book –An eBook


Rejoice eBook readers for the new three books are coming your way. Rather than release a printed version of the book, it has decided to keep up with the Muggle times and set it an eBook form. So if you don’t have a tablet or are not an eBook reader by any chance, feel free to get acquainted.

Pottermore eBooks – Titles and Characters


The official Harry Potter website is presenting the three eBooks in a unique manner with the following titles:

  1. Short Stories from Hogwarts: Of Power, Politics & Pesky Poltergeists
  2. Short Stories from Hogwarts: Of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies
  3. Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide

Based on the titles alone, it is probable that there will be a lot of Hogwarts secrets that will be revealed to the eBook readers. Two major characters that have been hinted are the notorious Dolores Umbridge and the stern professor of Transfiguration, Minerva McGonagall. A chilling relation to the Harry Potter series will undoubtedly made as the books will also discuss the personal relationship between the Dark Lord Voldemort and Horace Slughorn.

Potter Mania Rolls On


There is no saying an official goodbye to the Harry Potter series for the time being. If it’s not books, then it will be a movie or a TV show. Suffice to say, the e-book readers can look forward to more adventures from the bestselling book series of all time.

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