Best Kurta Designs For Mens 2017 with Pictures & Price

Kurta is the central component of the Eastern culture for men. With the passage of the time, a lot of different designs has been introduced in men’s kurta and every year designers tend to present latest kurta designs for men. Eid is an upcoming occasion, and on that particular Eid day like women, men also want to look impressive, so they choose to wear kurta and shalwar.

Everyone wants to look different and appealing on events, whether it’s a wedding ceremony or any special occasion. That’s why designers and clothing companies launch their new collection in different designs and attractive colors. So, as to fill your Eid or occasional event with happiness and charm Yayvo has come with best Kurta Designs 2017 collection.

Our latest Kurta Designs are selected from top leading brands like GulAhmed Kurta Collection 2017, Alkaram Kurta Collection 2017, Sitara Kurta Collection 2017Sapphire Kurta Collection 2017 and much more. We assure you that after wearing our designer kurta, no one can stop themselves from giving you lovely compliments on your kurta and defiantly you will emerge as a style icon in your surroundings. Through this blog, I will walk you to the latest kurta designs 2017.

Best Kurta Designs For Mens 2017 with Pictures & Price 1

Best Kurta Designs For Mens 2017 with Pictures & Price 2

Embroidered Kurta Designs 2017

 In recent years, embroidered kurta design has become more popular among males, which make is a most trendy outfit for Eid and summer collection. Designers have introduced embroidered kurtas in a different style and designs; it can be on Shoulders, neckline, sleeves and cuffs. Best Thing about embroidered kurtas are, they can wear out on both formal and semi-formal events. For example, you wear this kurta for the Wedding ceremony and as well as for get-to-gather meet up with your loved ones.

Plain Kurta Designs 2017 For Mens

There is also has been observed demand in Plain kurtas without embroidered. Plain Kurtas are known as a symbol of decency. For the event, if you intend to make your appearance with the decent and classic look then your preference should be plain kurta designs. You can use this kurta for special occasions and daily wear.

Color choice for Kurtas 2017

Color choice for Kurtas is one of the most important factors in kurta selection. Nowadays designers have designed kurtas for men in almost every color, so you have a wide choice of selecting best color. Seasonal occasions also play a vital role in a color selection like for summers you choose light colors and while, for winters you go for dark colors.

Many events or wedding ceremonies have their color themes so, there you have no choice of selecting a color. But, if the event has no color restriction then you can choose white or black hues for going with a classic appearance. For Eid or wedding ceremonies you can choose bright colors.

Choose between Kurta and Shalwar Kameez

Confuse between choosing Kurta or Shalwar Kameez! Well, it’s totally up to you and also depends on the type of event you want to attend. For the traditional and big event, you choose between pajama and shalwar. For casual or daily usage you wear Jeans pant or shalwar under kurta.

For more description information and catalog you can visit our site and go through to the Kurta designs 2017 collection. You can order Designer Kurta online at

Best Kurta Designs For Mens 2017 with Pictures & Price 1

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