Karachi Obsession With Qawali

Karachi is the largest and populated city of Pakistan. People live and enjoy each moment of their lives. Living in Karachi is always a blessing you can come up with many ideas to enjoy your every day at most by attending Karachi events around the clock. This city has become quite well known for its high-end lifestyle.

Sufi music like Qawali brings sacredness and soulfulness among people. This sort of music is full of celebration and melodies that connects you to the sanctity of the creator. People in Karachi admire the legends like Sabri Brothers, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Amjad Sabri. It would be absolutely justifiable to call Qawwali the heart of Karachi music for it goes back to our Sufi and folk heritage. In case you want a peaceful and mystic winter evening, Qawali nights are coming your way to plan your cosy evenings on the 31st January and 8th February 2020 respectively.

Here are the details for the events:


Qaul-e-Rooh Powered by Dotcom is on the 31st January 2020. Subhan Ahmed Nizami and Nizami Brothers will entertain the audience with stunning musical performances. The event is to encourage peace, unity and love. It will be a marvellous evening of Sufi music.

humko yaañ dar dar phirāyā yaar ne 
lā-makāñ meñ ghar banāyā yaar ne



Sham e Mastam is a Dhamal Night happening on the 8th February 2020. To get mesmerized in the rhythm and music to feel the sanctity of the creator and to enjoy soulful evening with Zaman Brothers. 

Meray rab ko manana to bohat asaan hai,
Us kay hazoor main do rakat nafal pesh kar do wo maan jata hai.

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Ghaniya Shaikh