Karachi Biennale: Comeback After 2 Years!

A biennale is a contemporary art and music exhibition that is held around the world. Karachi had its first biennale in 2017 with “Witness” being its key theme while this year, it took an environmental pivot and the theme centered on “Ecology”.

Karachi Biennale is spearheaded by the Karachi Biennale Trust and the second edition kicked off on 26th October, and plans to continue on until 12th November 2019. The exhibit claims to feature works by 98 artists from 16 countries including Pakistan across seven venues with diverse multi-disciplinary participants.

Karachi Biennale: Comeback After 2 Years! 1

This year’s Biennale focuses on Karachi’s troubled relationship with its environmental ecosystem and aims to divert people’s attention towards being more conscious of nature preservation.

KB19 is made possible by the support of several public and private partnerships. The Mayor and the City Government has allowed them to place installations in Karachi Zoo, Frere Hall and Bagh Ibne Qasim. It is commendable to see public spaces being reclaimed in such a constructive and educational manner.

As far as private venues are concerned, Alliance Francaise de Karachi, British Council, Goethe Institut, the Consulate of Italy and ProHelvetia Swiss Arts Council have stepped up and ensured participation from international artists.

Karachi Biennale: Comeback After 2 Years! 2

The agenda of the KB19 includes keynote talks, special programming and guided tours, including but not limited to  “Public Talk on Art and Emotional Wellbeing” by speaker Ange Weinrabe; a workshop on Art and Emotional Well-being at NJV School; an Interactive session for children with ‘Sensory Installations’ created by students of Karachi School of Art, IVSA and VS Dept at Karachi University; KB19 Climate Action Meet; Ladies Day at Karachi Zoo and Interactive Poetry Reading Session. Theme: Environmental issues.

While some events, particularly for children, will require registration, all the events will be open to the general public and entrance is free. We are quite stoked to see such an event take place in Pakistan and hope that this paves the way for bigger initiatives that are more inclusive and are targeted towards the masses in general.

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