JK Rowling Pleads with Fans – Tackles Casting Issues

The fans are desperately waiting for the upcoming 30th July when the world of Harry Potter returns albeit on a smaller screen. J.K. Rowling, writer of the entire Harry Potter book series, has expanded the wizarding world into new unexplored areas this year announcing new wizarding schools on Pottermore, a new movie, a theater play and a book all in one go. The social buzz surrounding the theater event is on its peak with fans continuously clamoring over the possibility of seeing old and new characters once again.

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child


This pronouncement of this play led to complete bombshell as it gives fans a chance to keep the magic live and turn to this Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play co-written by JK Rowling. According to sources, the play centers on Harry Potter trio who have grown up. The relationship between Harry who is working at the Ministry of Magic and his youngest son, Albus Severus Potter is the main factor of this play. Other characters that have been consistently present in the seven books have also been casted leading to a huge outburst of compliments and disagreements.

Rowling Confronts Racists


Among all the casting, the biggest spotlight landed on that of Olivier-winning actress Noma Dumezweni, who has been casted to play the fan favorite character of Hermione Granger. From the very start, the boiling hatred for this cast choice has become eminent among the fans simply based on the color of her skin. J.K. Rowling has continuously insisted on making the right choice but seems to have gotten tired of such remarks, finally labeling them as a ‘bunch of racists’.

Rowling Pleads to Keep the Secrets


We still have a month to go until this play makes its appearance but Rowling is already frantic about people keeping a lid on the secrets. She even tweeted #KeepTheSecrets pleading to the fans not to disclose anything. He build of anticipation is likely to convince one Potter fan to open his or her mouth which is the reason she is asking them to let everyone get a personal and unique experience when they walk into the theater.

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