Importance of Social Distancing

As the number of people infected with coronavirus skyrockets People’s panic regarding this disease is also increasing. Schools, businesses and offices have all been shut down in an attempt to contain the spread of this disease. You might be wondering why is this social distancing so important and if the governments of the world are overreacting to what seems like flu.

So what is social distancing? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, social distancing basically means maintaining at least six feet between you and another person in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Social Distancing is essential to flattening the curve. 

“Flatten the curve” is a phrase you’ve probably heard everyday day from Whatsapp and Facebook to the TV, but what does it really mean? Experts use the term “epidemic curve” to show the lifespan of a disease outbreak- noting when it first started in a society, how fast it increased and when it started to die down.

If Pakistan can “flatten the curve” it would mean we’ve slowed the spread of COVID-19 (the name of the disease is COVID – 19 and the virus is called coronavirus), meaning we have stopped the disease before it overwhelmed our healthcare system. While it’s possible that an equal number of people get infected even when we flatten the curve it’s very important that we stagger this so our doctors and hospitals don’t get overwhelmed.

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Kanza Akhwand
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