HP Introduces Sure View Feature in Latest Laptops

With the issue of privacy becoming an integrated topic in today’s technology, the industry is evolving and shifting its stance to match the needs of potential customers. They are not just stating a verbal support on privacy but presenting unique features that are capable of putting their users in a peace of mind. It has been a one sided decision for the tech companies as they would lose a ton of customers unless providing them with the necessary safety guidelines. HP has done exactly that by embedding their latest laptops with a brand new feature to tackle the privacy issue.

Get Your Own Private Screen


For those uncomfortable with other people walking by and examining their work on their laptop, they can rest at ease now with the new laptop private screens offered by HP. This is the perfect opportunity to personalize the laptops and either work or watch anything you want without any thought of any sudden embarrassment. HP has dubbed this new feature – Sure View.

Sure View – Screen Privacy Intact


The chances of anyone peaking at your personal data at any time are quite possible. That is why HP has to be commended for using the Sure View feature of their laptops indefinitely. This will make sure that the person who is using the laptop will be the only one to whom the screen will be visible. Those who view the screen from any angle but the front or are viewing from a distance will not be able to comprehend what the screen is showing.

Which HP Laptop has Sure View?


So far, HP has not released any laptop that has this stellar feature. However, their new versions of the Elitebook laptops will offer this screen privacy setup to ensure that people can concentrate on their work rather than looking over their shoulder.


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Ali Silat