Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000

After the adoption of latest technology trends, we’ve all become become extremely tech savvy. There are various different of gadgets in your surroundings like power banks, bluetooth speakers, selfie light, smart watches etc., that people are constantly using. You will find these in variety of prices at multiple online and offline stores. 

We’ve got a list of Top 10 gadgets that you can get under Rs. 2,000. 

1. Konfulon Y1308 Power Bank 

Power banks are life savers for all smartphone users since it is portable and rechargeable. You do not have to worry about finding a socket to charge your phone when you own this portable gadget. Konfulon has a smart design and fast paced charging with dual USB ports.

Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000 1

2. Universal DZ-09 HD Smart Watch

Smart watches are in demand because of its usage and smart features like connecting your smart phone, receiving notifications, bluetooth, music player and more. Moreover, you can also insert GSM sim in this smartwatch, and it also monitors your sleep timings. You can even track your phone through this smart watch if it is lost.

This smartwatch offers you all these features under Rs. 2000.

Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000 2

3. Selfie Ring

It’s the era of taking selfies with your smartphone. But there are times when you are unable to capture good selfies. Why? Because of bad lighting. This gadget helps you in taking good selfies anytime and anywhere, specially at night time as it lights up. Selfie ring is rechargeable and comes with a USB port and small connector.

Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000 3

4. Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Portable speakers always come to handy whenever, you are planning to listen to your favorite music, or watch movies with your friends. You can connect your media devices with it via Bluetooth and enjoy music. It is a rechargeable speaker; you just need to charge it and take it with you wherever you want.

Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000 4

5. Bluetooth Headphones

Everyone loves to listen to their favorite music with their headphones on. But this wireless headphone will exempt you from tangling wires, and you can enjoy your music with ease. If you are looking for great quality headphones in the budget, then this gadget should be on your buying list.

Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000 5

6. Mini Wireless Backlit Keyboard

Having difficulty operating your smart TV with a remote? No worries. Now you can use a wireless keyboard to operate it and make your life easier.

Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000 6

7. Wireless Earphones

These are stereo buds without wire and you can connect them to your phone with bluetooth. No hassle of wires, easy to carry and rechargeable.

Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000 7

8. Tripod

A Tripod is a life savior for those who love to click pictures of their own lifestyle and make videos at home.

Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000 8

9. Virtual Reality Headset

For gamers and those who enjoy the world of virtual reality, this gadget is for you. With this device you can view the virtual world on your phone in 3D.

Top 10 Gadgets You can Get under Rs. 2000 9

10. Mobile Screen Enlarger

Top 10 Gadgets you can get under Rs 1500 Only

Do you face trouble while watching videos or reading books on the small screen of your smartphone? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore! This mobile screen enlarger magnifies your mobile screen up to 3 times, and you experience great quality screen. Isn’t amazing gadget?

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