Four Finest Camera Smartphones for Camera Lovers

With the consistent rise of smartphones, there is a high demand in targeting audience interest with respect to features. High tech companies are competing in the customer zone, highlighting each smartphone through various features that would take the public’s fancy. With the technical advancement being carried out in the smartphone sector, the last few years have seen some dynamic transformations in elevating the phone cameras. They have become the core source of popularity simply based on marketing of such camera features.

Top Camera Smartphones in 2016


Every year, there is a breakthrough that bypasses the old depleted camera version and takes their position in smartphones. Every company and brand carries out their own techniques and research that captivates audience and raises the profit bar even more. They are singularly responsible for the immense success of the following four smartphone that have been released in 2016.

Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge


  • 12MP Dual Pixel sensor
  • f/1.7 aperture
  • LED flash
  • 5MP selfie sensor
  • OIS

Samsung has accomplished wonders in the camera department, giving them the esteemed pleasure of being the top tier camera champion of the world. The accurate vision and focus on the dual pixel 12MP camera is incredible. Samsung S7 & S7 Edge has tackled the low light conundrum and the bright lens and the image sensors have the ability to capture photos in great detail not visible to the eye.

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus


  • 12 MP iSight camera
  • Image signal processor
  • Focus Pixels
  • OIS
  • Live Photos
  • 4K Camera

Apple stands right beside Samsung making a proud show of all the amazing features that their smartphone camera presents. The Apple iPhone displays stellar level of clarity that is implies awe with every click. The generous addition of Live photos along with the 4K technology brings images to life, something unimaginable before and accessible through the latest iPhone.

Huawei P9


  • Leica dual lenses
  • RGB & Monochrome Sensors
  • Photography modes
  • 8 MP front camera


If you want a better light and high quality pictures, then the ground breaking experience of Huawei P9 smartphone is the right choice. Their partnership with Leica to produce the best dual lenses gives the ultimate striking image persona. The RGB & Monochrome sensors are capable of detailing every single camera shot with different modes and functions to perfect the image per choosing. Low light selfies are the big special offer that Huawei P9 has enlisted into its spectacular design body.



  • 16MP & 8MP camera
  • Laser Auto Focus
  • wide-angle sensor
  • f/1.8 aperture


Few can match the intricate details that LG has become capable of. With their latest G5 smartphone, the double camera duo on this modular design phone is the main highlight feature. The enhanced camera capabilities that it bestows upon the user make every shot brimming with detail. Easily swap through the camera megapixels to capture images with auto focus to remove any blurriness.

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