Five Smart Ways to Save Apple iPhone Battery Life

Apple has made some stellar version of its iPhone with features that have a deep connection with its iPhone fans. But there is one main area where even ample iPhone users have taken as the Achilles heel of these smartphones – battery life. Let’s face it; even the latest iPhone 6S and Special Edition cannot boast more than a full day battery charge. With constant usage, that timing depletes the life of a battery to a half day which is exceedingly disappointing. Apple is constantly working to remedy this tech defect that is the only blemish in its smartphones. In the meantime, we will do well to reminding ourselves of some smart techniques that are deemed to be helpful in keeping the iPhone battery functioning for a longer time period. And no… turning the Wifi and 4G off does not merit as a possible solution to this problem.

Avoid Exposure to Altering Temperatures


How many times have we sat in a hot environment and think this: why is the iPhone is heating up? Not only that, the battery starts to get affected due to the constant change in temperatures thus draining the last vestiges of its charging. Too much exposure can even result in harming the entire smartphone set. Cold is not the answer either; a cool and consistent temperature placement is the best choice for the iPhone.

Auto Brightness Option is Your Friend

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We all want a picture perfect display on our iPhone, but it’s best to dim the lights to take some weight off the battery. The ‘Display & Brightness’ settings have the auto brightness option – you can’t miss it as its right on top. Make sure to dim the light enough to ensure that the battery does not get wasted. Setting the mark at half level makes the text and video display visible allows more convenience on both work and battery usage.

Careful Usage of Certain iPhone Apps


iPhone applications are capable of providing an unlimited amount of gaming, working and entertaining features, only if the battery is able to take it. There are certain applications that take too much juice out of the battery. Social media applications like Facebook and Twitter have been known to take a lot of charge during usage. You have two options; delete the social media apps from your Apple iPhone or have them activated on the internet browser, usually Safari.

Too Much Notifications Leads to Battery Loss

We want to keep up with all the latest information that our applications keep providing; for that, we activate all the notifications which take out a major haul from the iPhone battery. Be selective when it comes to notifications – activate 2-3 applications at a time so as to decrease the charge toll that it takes on the battery.

Activate Emergency Battery Saving Mode


This will save you from constantly running around looking for a power slot to place your iPhone in. Activation of the ‘Low Power Mode’ option will notify you of the decreased battery power and even disables multiple features that are responsible for reducing the battery life further. Remember to always be smart with your smartphone.

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Ali Silat