Fashion Parade Highlights – 5 Amazing Pakistani Collections 2016

The fashion industry in Pakistan has grown on massive scale and has started putting international eyes on their esteemed product. The numerous collections that have come out over the last few years have been so successful so as to put a spotlight not just on the local level but international as well. The latest London event – the Fashion Parade just hosted some of the most iconic fashion designers and their elite collection styles. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge hosted this luxurious event where designers from all parts of the world showed off their creative design skills. But it was the Pakistani designers & collections that stole the spotlight and got the approval of the most lucrative names in the fashion industry. Check out the five Pakistani collections that were the highlight of the night.

HSY Collection

Everyone affiliated with the fashion industry has heard of Hassan Sheheryar Yasin nicknames HSY. The king of bridal gowns and wedding dresses has collected many accolades in the past for his impressive work and turned out his collection at this prestigious event. Not only that, he himself graced the stage to invoke the importance of such an event.

HSY Collection


Hira Shah Collection

This Pakistani designer is currently residing in London and has developed her own exquisite style called the Hira Shah Collection. She introduced her collection at the Fashion Parade that stole the spotlight due to such an amazing grace and elegance that her clothing collection portrayed.


Faiza Samee Collection

The three decades long work that Fazia Samee has concocted has made her the queen of fashion and style in this region. Her cultural themes were on full display at the London event and wrought with the utmost care. The flawless quality of the Faiza Samee Collection is definitely a major stamp on her back for her hard work.


Ali Xeeshan Collection

This fashion designer has a unique and rare talent that has honed to such exceptional skill that has given him the gateway to this event. Ali Xeeshan is known for the best bridal gowns and wedding dresses which were showcased on the fashion stage and drew gasps of wonder from each and every single person in the event.


Khusboo’s by Chand Collection

Designer Chand has made some big steps with his Khusboo collection and took the stage to present it with a bright vigor. The owner of the elite bridal designer dresses for women expressed his own satisfaction on being invited to this fashion platform to introduce his collection to the world.


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