Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 – Consoles, Games & VR Tech

Rejoice, gamer fans!! Los Angeles Convention Center was home to the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 last week – a great take on an actual gaming Comic Con. This event was conducted from 14th-16th of June and was an extremely entertaining expo with gamer, developers and fans filing up for a glimpse of all the latest video game related tech. More than 50,000 people visited the event and endorsed every single brand and company that introduced some special sneak peaks and trailers of expected games and consoles in 2016.

Sony & Microsoft Battle over Consoles


Both PlayStation and Xbox were in serious competition against each other with their respective brands targeting key new features for the consoles and their video games. Sony highlighted the new games that were being released on PlayStation 4 while Microsoft took it a bit further by announcing possible slimmer and potable versions of Xbox One. Despite Microsoft putting out all the stops, they could not match with Sony due to their high tech console games and VR tech.

VR Dominance on E3 2016


Virtual Reality took the spotlight at the expo as it is the top trending tech gadget that every company is targeting. Oculus, HTC and PlayStation waged new and impressive VR games to hype the audience that has been waiting for such games for the past few years. PlayStation VR won for they released the new Batman game on their VR set which has some stellar graphics that completely wowed the audience.

New Video Game Series Announced


After consoles and VR tech, video games took the main spotlight with fan favorite series raking in a new part to please the fans. EA showed s video based on their development stage on the new Star Wars video game. Ubisoft, on the other hand, released the trailer of their Star Trek franchise much to the amazement of the fans. Nintendo showcased their bestselling game ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ that really got the fans excited.

All in all, a great expo that was the perfect blend of games, gadgets and entertainment!!

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Ali Silat