Down The Memory Lane

If you are a 90s born kid then you have lived 3 different decades, 2 different centuries and 2 different millennia’s and still you are not even 30 yet. A lot of obvious things have changed in two decades. 

Let’s go down the memory lane and recall some of our favorite things:

Video Games

Sega games were the most popular video game back in the day. Kids used to wait all day for their turn on the computer. These video game series were very precious as it as more than 50 games. Nowadays, video games are just action and weapons,affecting children’s mental health and making kids more hyperactive and aggressive. 

Down The Memory Lane 1

Fancy Stationery

Fancy stationery was a thing.Children’s’ with fancy pencils or stationery box for that matter were considered rich. Kids used to brag about it and feel special. Today! They just complete a semester with a single pen.

Down The Memory Lane 2

Cartoons Were Important

Waking up in the morning and running to the living room to watch your favorite morning cartoon was a millennial thing. When it comes to cartoons, whether those on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, the 90s were a golden era. Nowadays, Kids don’t have an interest in cartoons anymore and they prefer to sleep and procrastinate than to be productive on an off day.

Down The Memory Lane 3

Movie Night Was A Hussle 

Streaming and streaming stole the beauty of movie night. Earlier They were planned, and the whole family used to sit down and watch a movie on a rented CD and CD player. The thrill of it used to be on a different level. 

Down The Memory Lane 4

Passing Time Required Actual Thought And Creativity.

Millennials had an imaginative mind. Kids in the 90s were smart enough to use their creativity without a phone in their hands. They make the available resource useful. How they viewed the world was exactly how they intended it. With working parents, passing time was incredibly fun. Playing mountain lava, Baraf Pani. Hopscotch, Darkroom, etc. 

Kids nowadays lose track of time as they busy themselves with mindless memes, videos or busy stalking each other online instead of conversing in person.

Down The Memory Lane 5

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