Reviving International Arts and Culture: Happening In Karachi This March

The society of Pakistan comprises all caste people such as Sindhis, Balochis, Punjabis, Makranis, Hazara, Pakhtoons, etc.  All these different backgrounds bring diversities and this is the most unique and beautiful part about it. Pakistan is a country of many different cultures and all these cultures bring their unique cultural heritage.

Music is one of the highlighting features of Pakistani heritage. Pakistani classical music is a heart-winning culture. It is very expressive. Several diverse countries such as south Asia, central Asia and Middle Eastern totals into the rich culture of Pakistan. 

To celebrate the art of talent and appreciate the efforts of an artist, the National academy of performing arts is organizing a month-long celebration. Artists from different countries include Italy, Germany, Taiwan, Bangladesh, England, and Sri Lanka to perform at the NAPA International Performing Arts Festival 2020. Following are the details of the event:

Date5th March – 22nd March
Time8pm – 10pm
Venue National Academy Of Performing Arts

5th March 2020 | Building Bridges through Music

An exciting evening of cross-cultural musical discovery by performers from Pakistan and England. Ustad Shahbaz Hussain and Zayn Mohammed from England will perform with Nafees Ahmed from Pakistan in order to create a magical musical experience. The performance shows the virtuosity of the three-star musicians on the NAPA stage.

6th March 2020 | Beech Bahar ki Raat ka Sapna

Adapting A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies. The conflicting Fairy King and Queen cross the road with four young lovers and a country theatre troupe rehearsing a performance in the enchanted forest. Mischief, mystical miracles, and happiness are abounding in this beautiful, dream-like setting. It’s a truly magical interpretation of one of the funniest plays.

7th March 2020 | Touch

Contemporary dance production by Natanda Dance, the Sri Lankan theatre. Touch comes from the understanding of hands-on interaction and a comment on the tabuism of contact in culture. Our values provide essential cultural or social barriers, but they can also be a shield to oppressive power structures and provide fascinating opportunities for creative ideas and processes. We also extended these sub-themes to focus on their relevance to social cohesion and social deprivation.

8th March 2020 | Dhaka Se Karachi 

A musical performance describing the mutual interaction between Bangladesh and Pakistan using various incidents as a comparison . Performances by using music as a means of speech along with dialogs, monologues and storytelling. The artists discuss the issues of nationalism and violence and how they have had an influence on youth in both countries that once were one.

Tickets are available on YayvoTickets

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