Budget Tips to Keep Home Warm in Winters

For those of us looking to reduce their heating costs this winter, we’ve put together a list of cheap ways to keep your home warm and toasty through even the bleakest winter.

Read below to find out how you can keep your home warm, reduce heat loss or add heat to your home.

Budget Tips to Keep Home Warm in Winters 1

Bubble Wrap Insulation

Insulate your windows using bubble wrap. This method works extremely well in keeping your house warm and effectively lowers your heating costs throughout the winter season. Try it out for yourself!

Cut up some bubble wrap to fit your windows, lightly spray the surface of your windows with water and apply bubble wrap directly to the window with the bubble side facing the glass, press it against your window. Doing this allows the bubble wrap to stick until it’s ready to be removed. It’s a very simple way to insulate and warm up your home during the winters. 

It’s effortless, inexpensive and quick. However, it’s worth mentioning that the view through your bubble wrapped windows will be fuzzy, although it does let plenty of light through, so don’t use it on windows where you need a clear view.

Budget Tips to Keep Home Warm in Winters 2

Oven Lovin’

Another extremely efficient and cost-effective method to use your oven more frequently during this time of the year. Baking, cooking, and broiling or simply heating things using your oven will keep your house much warmer, especially in rooms that are nearest to the kitchen. 

Using this method will not only ensure that your home will remain warm, but you’ll also have an abundance of delicious baked goods throughout the winter season. So, don’t be afraid to turn that oven on to roast a chicken or bake a ton of cookies when the temperature drops.

Budget Tips to Keep Home Warm in Winters 3

Layer Up

Did you know that carpets and rugs were created for a reason — to keep rooms warmer! Adding layers to your flooring, especially wooden and tiled floors traps heat in your house instead of escaping through small cracks. 

If you have wooden floors you should know that, uninsulated wooden floors can account for up to 10% of a home’s heat loss. That’s why carpets or rugs are far better at trapping heat than your creaky wood floors. 

So, add a rug or roll of carpet to your flooring during the winters, and you’ll instantly notice a difference in the coziness of your home.

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Ghaniya Shaikh