Brexit Polls: Britain’s Exit Rumored to Cause Impact on Online Shopping

The votes have been cast and it’s not good news per say from a financial and economic standpoint. Despite an electric campaign hoping for a massive refusal in separation of Britain from the European Union, the result has been the exact opposite. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, has tendered his resignation at what he terms a disappointing Brexit Poll result as it will shake the economic foundations of the country. With rumors of this vote putting end to financial and health benefits, there are also several trade pacts that will be tendered null and void leaving a big impact on every industry… online shopping may be a part of a considerable decline arising from this unexpected turn of events.

Possible Decrease in Mobile Transactions


Mobiles and smartphones are the main criteria on which recent online shopping platforms are raking in profits. Their consistent customer conversion rate is defined on such basis. However, there is going to be a major decrease in traveling benefits that includes mobile data roaming. No matter how slight, this impact will be felt on major international shopping portals like Amazon.

Possible Increase in Shipping Charges

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With the abrupt halt of all trade setups between Britain and the EU, it may show a large increase in shipping charges that were affordable and on a lower pay scale. This will surely affect the international shipping and delivery of products resulting in putting a rise on the product prices thus forcing the customer to shop locally or not at all.

Higher Cost of Living


The shipping effects will no doubt land a sturdy blow to products that are a necessary and daily requirement. With the cost of products rising due to the bulk shipping costs, retailers will surely lift the prices which will but naturally affect the people. This can have some serious outcome of possible customers refraining from buying and purchasing certain items, products and accessories. For food items, there is a possibility that despite their heavy price tag, they may continue to gather a quick flow of profit since they are regarded as an essential necessity.

Will Online Shopping Impact Be Permanent


Not quite so…. This will no doubt be a temporary setback but the present e commerce industry will definitely feel its sting. This will hand them different challenges to keep the volume of customers consistent despite the issues and problems as a result of the Brexit polls.

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Ali Silat