Best Smartphone in Rs. 15,000-20,000 Range in 2016

The smartphone craze has reached a new high with the sudden release of Infinix Hot S that has made its way to Pakistan. There is some serious buzz as new information about its magnificence is lingering over the internet. Previously, we tackled the issues and problems that old Infinix users have had when they consider buying the Hot S by showing a smartphone comparison with entire Hot series. Now, it’s time to understand the concerns of those that already have a smartphone from another company. Keeping the price range of 20,000, there are various smartphones that top that range in 2016 and have laid an impact as well. Let’s check out the top company smartphones that think they can compete with the likes of the great Infinix Hot S phone.

Samsung Galaxy J5


Let’s start with the latest inductee into the Samsung Galaxy family, the J5. Seeing that it’s at a high price of PKR 17,990/-, you might think that it would boast some unique features that will beat the Hot S. However, it does not even come close as despite the hefty price tag, its low screen size, RAM, OS and battery are deplorable when compared. It does equal the stage on the 128 storage capacity, though.

QMobile Z10


QMobile is basically the champion for Pakistanis who are looking for an affordable smartphone in the market.  But even at PKR 19,900/-, they have failed to target themselves at the same level as the Infinix Hot S by supporting only 64 GB, low battery and an Operating System Lollipop while Hot S has the Marshmallow installed in it.

Huawei Honor 4C


Huawei has been steamrolling some great smartphones in 2016 but the Honor 4C is the only one who makes the range of PKR 16,990/-. Well, it may be a close cut with the price tag but certainly not when compared to the feature set of Hot S. It has only a 32 GB card slot, a 5 MP front camera instead of 8MP, and a low battery charge than the QMobile and Samsung. In this round, Hot S wins on all accounts.

Lenovo A7000


Even though Infinix has a low mid-range price than Lenovo’s A7000 PKR 18,790/-, despite having a thin plated smartphone. A limited storage system does not help either when going head to head with the Hot S that is able to meet the 128 GB storage standard.

The Secret of Success for Infinix Hot S


It is quite clear that the numbers of features that have been laid in this smartphone are able to meet the user needs by a wide margin – and at such an esteemed price. The entire set has turned out various features that meet the fancy of average smartphone users who would rather choose the Hot S than any of the other above mentioned ones. Based on this Infinix model success, order this amazing new smartphone at


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Ali Silat