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Men have always thrived and hoped to achieve better in the fashion category generally by instinct. It is an attractive phenomenon that has carried on for hundreds of years, changing their perceptions, impressions, and boosted their confidence allowing them to do the unthinkable and accomplish the impossible. For this sole reason, men fashion has become the center piece of attention during the various occasions either traditional or religious. In Pakistan, this fever in men arises to a high boil during the Eid event that is celebrated in this country two times every year and is considered the biggest shopping event for men as well.

Men Fashion Eid Wear


Every time at this time of year, men start contemplating on the different issues they usually experience during shopping. It is hard for them to choose between the different designs and fashionable clothing which includes a wide variety and assortment of men’s shalwar kameez and kurta for men which are highly regarded as the general Eid wear that is compulsory for men. For men, very single item and clothing needs to be set just right; it must have the explicit combination of style and finesse that gives them the main spotlight in their respective circles. Such is the adoration and addiction for this shalwar kameez and mens kurta shirt for which men forego even the heftiest of price tags just to fulfill their fashion dream.

Special Clothing Brands for Men Wear this Eid

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It is a fact that men are not only attracted towards the quality and desirable clothing wear; it is also the brand name and the weight it carries that they use to become influential and desired in their own right. It is the ultimate solution to marking themselves as their own sense of inspiration leading to unlimited self-confidence. In Pakistan, there are high quality brands that take the production of mens kurtas and shalwar kameez designs pretty seriously so they fit well up to the high standards of their customers of which men hold a solid position.  This incredible infatuation of men to the Pakistani mens kurta leads to extreme competition between brands thus giving men the opportunity to put all these brands to the challenge. Let’s scroll down below and mark the epic styles that have become a source of comfort for men this Eid and that will definitely help them achieve their fashionable desires.

Amir Adnan

Does Amir Adnan need any introduction whatsoever?! He resembles the absolute pinnacle of stylish shalwar kameez for men and has a uniqueness that is unavailable for other Pakistani brands.

Take a good long look at these two off white and black cotton suits whose beauty is tailored to meet the right size, width and length and has become the cornerstone of elite Eid wear for men this Eid. Amir Adnan redefines the impact that simplicity can have on mens kurta salwar kameez and how it makes men salivate just by looking at it. No high level embroidery or intrinsic designs; this shalwar kameez from the Amir Adnan collection should be on men’s Eid shopping list this year.


Men are not always that into simplicity; nor do they require a complete embroidery set on their fancy salwar kameez. For such opinionated men, Cherrys is the main brand which gives a wide selection of clothing from its extensive collection that is the perfect blend of formal and fancy at the same time. The slightest tinge of embroidery around the collars and the bright colors that cover the back ground are riveting to behold and makes men weak at the knees just by observing them. If you want to go a different path this Eid and cross the gateway between traditional and custom men wear, and Cherrys is the right answer.

Ali Raza Nasser

We’ve found out about the biggest shalwar kameez brand collections out there; time for those brands that consider men’s kurtas their specialty. Kurtas are the main frontline wear on Eid and to ensure that they go with either salwar or men’s jeans is quite hard to pull off. Ali Raza Nasser has solved this issue quite elegantly by bringing together a vast style of new kurta designs capable of elevating the personality and character of men to a whole other level. The depth of colors in this fine collection wear has every single men on edge in Pakistan and falling over each other just to get a glimpse of these kurta styles.

Kurta Corner

What better place to shop for an elite style kurta than the Kurta Corner?! An amalgamation of royalty and casual wear is truly heavenly to behold thus paving the way to greatness for men. Just an incredible variety of designer kurtas for mens and collar embroidery on kurtas are immaculate to witness and do wonders for men fashion. The plain sleek shine that they have encumbered on these Eid kurtas is the main staple on which men fashion is being considered a top priority by top brands in which Kurta Corner has definitely gained a top position.

There it is – the perfect ensemble of shalwar kameez and kurtas that is the prime choice for men wear.

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