As our previous insight into the top tier brands that will be the ideal choice for women Eid shopping, it’s time to set that exact criteria for men. Even though men are not generally used to spending much time window shopping for their desired items, they are certainly quite picky when it comes to making decisions. For men, stylish items and accessories are the epitome of awesomeness that they wish to apply consistently. This new men fashion addiction has gathered heavy steam during the countdown to Eid day which begs the question: which brands are suitable for men shopping in 2016?

Men’s Clothing Brands for Eid Shopping


When it comes to fashionable clothing for men, there are few brands that adhere to the elegance and simplicity that is compulsory for Eid shopping. Both formal and casual men wear is, however, in demand as men require them for different occasions ranging from modest ones to night parties. Shalwar Kameez and Sherwanis are the buying norm in which brands like Amir Adnan excels to produce high quality clothing that is quite exceptional. There is also the new Edge kurta and waistcoat collection with traditional dresses that are based on a simple Eid theme.

For casual party goers, Fashion Café is the ultimate gateway to finding that latest trendy styles that is deeply expressive and satisfying. Get an amazing line of men and boys t-shirts for fine stylish display to celebrate with full vigor and energy.

Men’s Watch Brands for Eid Shopping

What is a man without his watch? That point drives closer and closer as the big day looms overhead. Men consider watches as a symbol of manhood and feel a bulging sense of pride that boosts their confidence tenfold. Nothing could be the elegant choice than Rado watches as they are desired by men all over the world. Whether it is the cool stainless steel or the fine leather strap attached to your wrist, not many brands come close to it other than Tissot and their stellar designs that are best watch wear for men this Eid.

Men’s Footwear Brands for Eid Shopping


Men will definitely be disappointed this Eid without the sparkling smooth shine coming from their shoes. The beautiful polish rub greatly compliments the entire attire and gives it a complete finish that makes for more attractive men wear. The best place to shop for this indispensable footwear is General Booth House that accommodates for shoes, slip on and sandals. But if you’re looking for the latest stylish men party footwear, then Turk & Fillmore have the elegance and grandeur that speaks for itself.

Happy Eid Shopping!!

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