Be Your Own Valentine

For all the singles out there, we are now a week away from 14th of February, that is Valentine’s day. You may have seen your couple friends planning for Valentines and being the only single friend in the group makes you feel lonely.

“But It’s ok and Pretty Normal”

Be Your Own Valentine 1

Being single has its own perks!

  • At least you don’t have to share the chocolates that you bought from the discounted valentine’s candy section.
  • You will not be showering money on those cheesy teddy bears and roses or expecting them.
  • You can easily avoid fancy restaurant dates and be completely ok to own Dhabba dates with ‘Just Friends’.
  • You can Netflix and chill anytime.
  • You can enjoy your own pyjama party.
  • More Eye Candies and no restrictions.
  • How cool is to not care about anyone and sleep in peace knowing the fact no one will cry over your dead body for not buying them anything on a special day. We encourage you to be your own valentine.
Be Your Own Valentine 2

“ Eco friendly and do not destroy earth with loads of wasted gift papers and dead roses”

Pamper yourself, protect your heart and be your own superhero this valentine’s day.

“Because Shadi me tallaq hojati hai and Mohabbat me breakup”

Be Your Own Valentine 3

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Ibadat Edhi