Be Your Own Superhero

A young man from Quetta saved 100 lives after a massive snowfall. A local 30 year old, rescued people who were stuck on the road with women, kids and elderly in the harsh weather without food supplies or clothing.

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In this freezing weather, a hero, Suleman Khan, not only saved several people by driving them safely in his own car. Furthermore, Khan took the rescued survivors to his place. He provided food and a place to sleep to the ones who fell ill. This kind gesture of this young hero melts the heart of the nation. Suleman told Geo:

I did everything for the will of God. Saw that people who were stuck by the avalanche and had I not helped them, they probably wouldn’t have returned alive. I had been trying to help them since 2pm, however officials arrived around 12am”.

His kindness didn’t end here, he also helped them get the fuel from his own pocket, to people whose cars broke down due to severe snowfall. Suleman also helped to move small vehicles in the snow by towing them on his Land Cruiser. 

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Ghaniya Shaikh