Battery Case Vs Power Bank: Which one is better for me?

As the smartphones are becoming smarter and faster, their battery backup is cutting to less. If you want to survive a whole day with a single charge then, you have to limit your daily usage of smartphones. It could be frustrating because still there are a lot of fun things you wanted to with your smartphone but, couldn’t do due to “battery low” notification is continuously popping up on your smartphone screen.
Mobile manufacturing companies are still experimenting to maximizing the battery life of smartphones. But, till then you can use power banks and battery cases for enhancing the battery life of your smartphones and enjoy doing your desired tasks on smartphones without worrying about battery low.

What is the difference between Power Bank and Battery Case?

Well, both Power Bank and Battery case work on the same principle of providing additional power backup to your phone.Both are portable and needed to charged first then; you can carry them with yourself to wherever you want.
But, each of these power backup gadgets has its limitation and benefits. Let’s look into Pros and Cons for the better understating of Mobile Case and Power Bank.

Battery Case Review

Pros of Battery Case

  • It is the hybrid mobile case along with charging it also protects your phone against impacts.
  • It is easy to carry, just stick it onto your phone. Unlike power banks, you don’t have to carry two different things.
  • You don’t need to charge Power Case separately, just plug charging cable into your phone and Power Case will charge automatically.

Cons of Battery Case

  • The biggest turn off point for battery case is; you will need to buy separate battery case for your other or new mobiles.
  • In extreme temperature conditions, it can damage your phone due to high temperature, because it is connected to the backside of your phone.

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Power Bank Review

Pros of Power Bank

  • It is universal power supplier, which means you can charge multiple mobiles and media devices at the same time with Power Bank.
  • Power Banks have larger battery capacity up to 20000mAh power bank. Unlike Battery Case, you can charge your phone more than 3 times.

Cons of Power Bank

  • By comparing it with Battery Case, Power Banks are bulkier and not too friendly to carry along with you.
  • You need to charge Power Banks separately, and it also takes a longer time to charge.

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Final Verdict

Now, you have understood the difference between Power Banks and Battery Case. If you don’t feel comfortable in carrying Power Banks and not planning to upgrade your smartphone, then you should opt for the Power Case.

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