Australian Bushfire

Australian bushfire season involves a series of bushfires that is currently burning across Australia. The fire has majorly affected New South Wales (NSW), around 2000 homes are destroyed, also around 24 people have lost their lives nationwide whereas, about half a million animals died. About 300 firefighters and assistance are struggling to control the massive blaze.

Australian Bushfire 1

The smoke has affected the surrounding cities of New South Wales (NSW) which includes Sydney, New Melbourne. Doctors have advised high-risk patients and pregnant women to take extra precautions.

Around half a million animals are injured and about a million animals are dead in the massive bushfire. The sources state that most birds, reptiles, koalas and kangaroos are affected.

On Monday, 6th January 2020 rain and cooler weather brings relief in the heat and fire in Australia but there is a high risk of soar temperature to hit again in New South Wales and surrounding.

The army of Australia said it had sent supplies, personnel, and vehicles to Kangaroo Island off near the city in South Australia. The Island has been devastated by bushfires.

Australian Bushfire 2

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