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Online shopping in Pakistan has seen a significant boom in the mainstream over the last few years.In this fast paced world, spending hours in offline shopping is a hassle. With more and more brands stepping into the realm of online shopping in Pakistan

It is convenient for consumers to spend less time and get the best shopping experience. Over the past few years, many companies have stepped into online shopping and only few give the chance of benefiting the general public.TCS venture came forward with a unique shopping experience with trust, reliability and originality.

YAYVO – Online Shopping With Best Discounts.

Yayvo is an e-commerce shopping platform that helps in saving time for a customer and provides ease of shopping experience to them. Just a mere few clicks and the item you desire will be delivered directly to your doorstep. 

The variety on offer truly epitomizes Yayvo’s slogan: ‘Yay bhi and Vo bhi’ – offering several items from leading brands all over Pakistan. The categories on offer include Electronics, Mobile Phones, Beauty, Men and Women’s Fashion, Entertainment, Home and Living, Books, School and Education, and so much more!

Yayvo also works in B2B and promises delivery within 7-8 working days. For the collaboration email on b2b@yayvo.com 

Yayvo – Guide To Pakistan

Yayvo launched Yayvo Tickets for your ultimate guide to everything that is happening in Pakistan!  From musical concerts to theatre plays and major sporting events all over Pakistan. Buy and Sell tickets online at Pakistan’s premier ticketing platform.

Some major events partnered by Yayvo tickets are HBL PSL, Junoon, Salt Arts and many more events in town.

Collaborate & Sell with Yayvo

In addition to buying tickets, event organizers can also sell their tickets on our website. Once you sign up for your event with us, we’ll help you manage it.

In addition to buying tickets, event organizers can also sell their tickets on our platform. When you enlist your event with us, we will help you manage it. Head on to yayvo.com/sell-your-tickets and get on board today.

Get FREE Events Ticket For An Entire Year

Yayvo is giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win the Golden Ticket. It gives you access to free tickets to your favorite events for an entire year. 

Find more about Golden Ticket

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