A Complete Guide To Living Your Best Quarantined Life And Making The Most Of This Time At Home.

The whole world is currently suffering because of the spread of Coronavirus. Basically, we’re all under a lockdown and practicing social distancing to get rid of this calamity. Since, we cannot step outside in these circumstances, most of us are usually feeling stressed and anxious.

But what people aren’t realizing is that this pandemic has given us opportunity to work on ourselves and evolve as individuals.

How to relieve stress in these days?

Try out these options:

  • Listen to music – Elevates your overall mood
  • Listen to podcasts – You become a better listener
  • Read books – Improves your imagination
  • Daily workout – Improves your health and stamina
  • Watch comedy movies or tv series – Laughter therapy
  • Online shopping – Helps in releasing stress
  • Do painting or any artistic activity – Improves your creative skills

Apart from these options, here are some other points which will help you building your daily routine in these days:

Do Not Watch News All The Time:

Watching news and scrolling through social media channels won’t do you any good except for causing you more anxiety and you will end up feeling miserable. Take a break from such activities. Everybody around you is going through a tough time. You are not alone.

Spring Cleaning:

You won’t be able to do anything creative or productive unless your home is messy. So go ahead and start your spring cleaning. Cleaning your home slowly will give you a new perspective and you will definitely feel positive. Besides, keeping your environment clean is considered healthy.

Spend Time With Family & Talk To Your Friends:

You’ve got a good chance to spend an ample time with your family during this quarantine period. In everyday life, people who do have jobs and are busy most days, they are unable to spend quality time with their family. Seize this opportunity to bond with your family members in these stressful times.

Since you must be missing your friends during this time period, talk to them over video calls and share your feelings. Don’t stop communicating, just because you cannot meet them.

Work On Different Things Instead Of Just One:

Working one thing for too long can make you feel exhausted and decrease your productivity as most of us are following work from home routine. Not everyone is familiar with this sort of practice.

You can easily find various tools online to keep your tasks updated and help you increase your productivity.

Explore And Embrace Your Passion:

This is a golden time period to explore your passions and work on improving your skills. Whether it is painting, drawing, cooking, reading, writing, music or any else, you’ve got a generous amount of time to practice it daily.

Learn New Skills:

In today’s technological world, learning something new ain’t difficult. YouTube is filled with tons of videos on DIY and many other skills instructional videos.

That’s not all. Websites like Udemy and Coursera also provide free courses. With all this free time at your disposal, you can learn so much online.

Don’t Give Up:

Instead of just sitting at home, thinking all day about the current situation and sleeping, try to work on different things. Keep yourself busy. Don’t give up just yet. Find out what works best for you.

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Nargis Kalani
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