7 Snazzy Designer Outfits for Women Trendy Wear

After the incredible buzz of Eid ul Adha and the fashionable wear week for women who were celebrating the three days with extreme relish, they seem to have gone back to wearing their previous wardrobe clothing. But they need to keep one thing in mind: great style and trends never go out of fashion!! They are hyped by designers and ladies clothing brands at a consistent rate which makes it for good attraction for desired parties of which women are a considerable number.

Yayvo brings Stylish & Trendy Wear Online


When it comes to online shopping for women clothing and outfits, Yayvo.com has taken the lead to bring the absolute best outfits for women in Pakistan to wear. Yayvo has not only highlighted major brands but also new and erupting ones that are on the brink of scaling to the top in the fashion industry. We understand that designer shopping is a key trend that users are very keen during clothing searches online. To help users get a decent search boost in designer names and clothing, Yayvo has taken the liberty of getting seven magnificent ladies clothing under one roof…Go check ’em out!!

Zeen by Cambridge

You’ve probably heard of Cambridge but their Zeen outfits digital unstitched lawn prints for women are really a wonderful collection. An intricate combination light and bright colors that merge together to from beautiful patterns that give the cool and fresh look desired by women. Of all the designer names and brads, Zeen is sure to be on top of the list when it comes to searching online for exceptional clothing.

Sapphire Textiles

You talk about chic and flashy outfits – nothing personifies that than Sapphire Textiles who have introduced the cambric style suits in Pakistan. Women in the country have taken a great liking to this spectacular showcasing of printed kameez top and flashy trousers that are a unique style even of itself. Ladies of middle age and with a strong desire to try something new and stylish should definitely give this a try.

Faraz Manan

Among the designer names whose work has been displayed on Yayvo.com is a special one named Faraz Manan who has taken clothing embroidered suits to a whole new level. The jacquard kameez, plain trousers and a beautiful chiffon dupatta and gorgeous designs and prints are a realm in its own right.


This ladies clothing brand has achieved more in a year than most do so in five. The reason is for their masterful chiffon clothing collection that strikes a chord with women from the moment they glance at it. He dark and intrinsic colors and bold designs have made them the snazzy trend that women are looking for in their search for designer shopping.

Feeha Jamshed

This women collection calls for a major classy look that is the perfect pick for all fashionistas out there. The elegant craft and untarnished beauty of these unstitched suits is a stunning portrait of sophistication that should be on the buying list of every single Pakistani woman. Few brands can hope to match such brilliance that has expanded the stylish wear in so many ways.


Their Eid Collection 2016 was a great monument to their style and how it has become the hottest thig in the fashion industry today. It is a merge between old and new yet continues to top the chart in the trending category for its exquisitely embroidered chiffon suits which include grip trousers and chiffon dupattas.


Elaan doesn’t require an introduction as it has already made a niche for itself for producing never before seen suits and outfits that is impeccable women wear. These designers’ women clothes are an ecstatic combination of silk kameez, satin trousers and digital printed dupattas that are an elite comfort wear for which snazzy is the perfect term.

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