7 Fun Things to Do This Week (Without Screens)

Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and overkill. We’ve been quarantined for over a month now and I’ve already lost count of the series and movies I have watched on multiple streaming platforms. Let alone new releases, I feel like I have possibly seen Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham for the 200th time.

What’s worse are those long WhatsApp video calls with your long-lost relatives that you could have easily avoided by sneaking out of the house. Thank you lockdown for taking that away from me. Honestly, it’s time to switch off those screens and give your eyes that much needed rest. 

Here’s a list of fun things that you can do this week…without your screens:

  1. Time for spring cleaning

Unleash your inner Marie Kondo and sort through your wardrobe, overcrowded dressing table, those messy drawers and chuck out the excess. Adopt a simplistic, minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism not only helps getting rid of things you don’t need but it gives you mental peace and helps relieve stress.

  1. Pick up a good book

As much as we would love to believe that scrolling through Instagram captions qualifies for reading, it does not. When was the last time you picked up a really good book; one with pages and words? If it takes you longer than a minute to answer that question it has probably been too long. You don’t even need to plunge yourself into the deep end. Start with something lighter and less challenging. 

  1. Cooking or Baking

Your Instagram feeds are probably feeling quite sad lately. You’re not able to photograph those 24 karat gold dusted chicken wings with a unicorn milkshake on the side thanks to lockdown. Why not head into the kitchen and make something? Your first recipe doesn’t have to be croissants. You can start off with making a really good bowl of Maggi and topping it with fresh vegetables and meatballs. Let us know how many likes you got on that updated ramen recipe.

  1. Bring out those Board Games

It’s time to bring the family together for a game of Ludo or Monopoly or Pictionary or Charades. A game together really helps people bond and spreads positivity all around. It’s practically impossible to get everyone on the same table otherwise given our busy schedules. Use this time to do everything that you “wish you had the time for” earlier. 

  1. Coloring or Painting

Did you know that coloring helps relieve a lot of stress and brings calm? Order an adult coloring book online with a pack of 24-coloring pencils. Get into those intricate patterns with unique shades and give yourself the satisfaction of creating this beautiful work of art. It’s extremely satisfying and I honestly urge you to give it a shot.

  1. Gardening

Head to the nearest nursery (obviously during the day time), making sure you are fully protected by wearing a mask and gloves, and pick up plants that you can maintain. Consult the gardener as to which plants need more sunlight and maintenance and only buy those that you can commit towards. Gardening is extremely therapeutic and will keep you occupied for a while.

  1. DIY Beauty Treatments

Take this time to groom yourself. We know that with the closure of salons and parlours, you don’t feel like the best version of yourself. But don’t let that feeling pull you down. The internet is filled with some amazing DIY Beauty Tutorials including face masks and hair care products which can be made using organic kitchen ingredients. 

We know this is a particularly hard time for everyone and we must understand that it is not a productivity contest either. You may feel intimidated by how much others are able to accomplish in their quarantine while you practically teleport between your fridge and bed. However, it is important to use this time and reflect on what you really want. Set goals for yourself and give yourself easy, realistic timelines. Stay safe, everyone.

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