5 New Tech Products You Should Know About in 2017

The technology is emerging day by day, transforming our lives in such manner that we have become totally dependent on it. Today, life without technology is like human without oxygen. As oxygen is essential for our survival so do the technology is. The common examples are Smartphone, Laptop, TV, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances and other Gadgets. Our lives revolve around these devices.

Let’s see one by one the 5 things that have made our lives easier.

1. Big TV

It’s high time that we start watching the informative and entertainment content on large size TVS, LEDs and LCDs, for they have bright colors, clear visuals, high sound volume and high resolution. LED is a bit upgraded model of LCD, as its light weighted and can be carried easily, energy efficient and watchable from all angles; all of which you don’t find in old model TVs. So why not enhance the Smart TV experience, when it’s widely available in affordable rates of premium quality?

2. Portable Hard Drive

We have our personal and official data and files more on the computing devices. The data obviously needs to be stored, but the data size exceeds with the storage of phones, tablets or laptops thus affecting the devices’ performance. Portable hard drive has solved this issue remarkably, as it a portable drive in which all the data can be stored for good. It is used for backup and secondary storage.

3. Power Bank

We get in panicky situations when we are out of home and the phone battery dies. In fact, some people face anxiety in such scenarios. To come out of these situations, the power bank can be used which allows to charge the phone without plugging into the outlet. All you need is USB cord and the charger wall outlet box. Simply connect the USB cord with power bank and phone.

4. Google Chrome Cast

The Google Chrome Cast is the best media streamer with which movies, TV shows or any other video content can be watched on TV with live streaming. Just plug it in, pair it with your phone, tablet or laptop, tap your app’s cast button and enjoy.

5 New Tech Products You Should Know About in 2017 10

5. EZ Cast

EZ Cast wifi display adapters enable users to cast the videos, photos, games and files from iPAD/iPhone/Mac book, Android phones/tablets/PCs, PC/Notebook, to HDTV or projector through HDMI port wirelessly. EZ cast differs from Chrome Cast, as it has more features supported, more video and audio format supported and direct connection supported.

5 New Tech Products You Should Know About in 2017 11

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5 New Tech Products You Should Know About in 2017 12

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